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NASCAR Schedule, Standings, Results

  • Version: 1.8.1
  • Released: October 21, 2009
  • Download count 1 : 9,878

Version History

1.8.1 2009-10-21
  • Fixed a bug where the widget didn't retain its position (if located on the non-primary monitor) on systems with multiple monitors
1.8 2009-09-12
  • Fixed a bug where the race winner didn't display in the "Start Time/Winner" column in Schedule View
  • Fixed some bugs with displaying the "Camping World" schedule
1.7 2009-04-05
  • Because of other changes on, and the fact that their website doesn't seem to be updated in a timely fashion post-race, I now pull schedule, race result, and qualifying order from Yahoo!. Therefore, I am now able to link to Race Results directly from Schedule view. I have eliminated the Race List view (added in Feb 2007) since it is now redundant. Unfortunately, I had to remove Radio (Schedule View), Radio Start (Schedule View), Sponsor (Race Results and Qualifying Order Views), St (Race Results View), and Status (Race Results View). I did add "Laps Led" to Race Results View, "Pole" and "Purse" to Schedule View, and "Speed" to Qualifying Order view.
  • Replaced Craftsman logo/references in Default Skin with "Camping World"
1.6.6 2008-02-17
  • Modified graphics and wording since Nextel has been replaced by Sprint and Busch has been replaced by Nationwide
  • Fixed a minor bug with using the SHIFT key to select a range of items on the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed some awkwardness with the loading of the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed some bugs (most of which were only apparent on a Mac) with the Additional Preferences window
  • Optimized image sizes
1.6.5 2007-10-01
  • Fixed a rather alarming bug with retaining some of the text color and shadow settings once the widget has closed
  • Fixed a bug where the "favorite driver" and "next race" text settings (color + shadow) weren't applied
  • Changes concerning the "import skin" functionality: added better error handling; also made some changes as a work-around for a bug in the "extension" attribute for the file "selector" form field/preference in Yahoo! Widgets 4.0
  • Fixed a minor problem with Restoring Default Preferences --> older year and not the current year
  • Minor change to handle an element in the skin XML file that I had previously been ignoring
  • Fixed a bug with tabbing between text boxes on the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if the following occurred in this order: (1) "show title in row" is checked, (2) "title alignment in row" is set to "right" or "center", (3) a column is hidden or shown via the "hide column" or "show all columns" context menu items (not the related Preferences), and (3) "show title in row" is unchecked
  • Internal code changes related to the storage of the Additional Preferences (the text colors/shadows that are stored by series)
  • Fixed some bugs with cycling using the next/previous buttons if you were at the first "page" and tried to go previous (which sort of worked, since it did send you to the last "page", but had the unintended side effect of breaking the previous button) or if you were at the "last" page and tried to go next (which correctly sent you to the "first" page, but then broke the next button)
  • Made the transition smoother (visually) when switching between views (schedule, standings, race list, race results, etc) and when changing series
  • Added error handling in case the user changes series while in Race Results or Qualifying Order view, since the race they were viewing won't exist in another series; now if the user switches series while in Race Results or Qualifying Order view, the view is switched back to Race list
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the listing of the columns in the Preferences
  • Added a "saving" indicator graphic to the Additional Preferences window to let the user know the widget is busy
  • Fixed a minor bug with selecting multiple entries on the Additional Preferences window
1.6.4 2007-09-07
  • Made some changes to the code that imports skins (specifically the code that handles the buttonRow)
  • The logo is now resizable. Why, you ask? Because I like things to be customizable. And my monitors do not all have the same resolution.
1.6.3 2007-09-01
  • Fixed a minor issue with restoring default preferences; if the Default Skin was already selected, the default preferences weren't actually applied until restart (which was incorrect behavior)
1.6.2 2007-09-01
  • Fixed a bug with exporting the Default skin
  • Fixed a bug with importing skins
  • Other misc code changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if "Show Title in Row" was checked and then later unchecked
  • Fixed a minor issue with syncing the dock appearance to the widget appearance if a skin other than the default is selected and the dock is closed when the widget starts, but is opened later
1.6.1 2007-08-28
  • Fixed a minor bug with applying the "logo opacity" preference
1.6 2007-08-27
  • Added ability to have the BEHIND column in the Standings view for the Nextel Cup show either:
    • the points behind the leader (standard), or
    • the points behind a specific driver rank
    The driver rank is specified via the Preferences. For example, if "12" is entered in this new Preference, then drivers in positions 2-12 will show the points behind the leader, and drivers in positions 13+ will show the points behind 12th place.
  • Modified the default favorite Busch driver to be "Kasey Kahne". This only affects new widget users, or existing users who restore their default preferences.
  • Rearranged items on the Preferences window so that the Preferences window wouldn't be larger than 800 x 600
1.5.1 2007-08-23
  • Internal code changes: improved error handling/checking
  • Fixed a bug/typo with adjusting the time (for the selected time zone) if the time was 12:00 pm
  • Fixed a bug with syncing the color text box and the color chooser button on the Additional Preferences window
  • Added UUID to widget.xml file to check for updates from the Gallery. The existing update check from my site will also remain in place, but if my site is having bandwidth issues, I will be able to upload the widget to the gallery and the auto-update will work. Read more about it here
1.5 2007-08-17
  • Added a Custom Preferences window to allow user to set text (header, home, away, etc) colors and shadows for each series and to allow the user to "preview" their changes before saving. When I added the ability to set text colors and shadows based on series, I changed how this information is stored. Unfortunately, you will need to respecify these colors and shadows since there was no easy way to migrate them and keep the code (relatively) clean.
  • Fixed the double-spacing problem, caused by a bug with the Konfabulator "filesystem.readFile()" when it is used on a file bundled in a flat-file widget, with the "View License" and "View Readme"
  • Made the "View Readme" and "View License" window fancier
  • Added onDockOpened handler, which will fix the issue of the dock not displaying the proper info if it is closed when the widget launches and then is opened by the user later
  • Fixed some bugs with importing skins
  • Internal code changes that address a security vulnerability in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Fixed a minor bug with Restoring Default Preferences if the widget was minimized
  • Added a more prominent "loading/retrieving" indicator, which can be turned on/off via the Preferences
  • Added better error checking around the exporting and importing of skins
1.4 2007-05-27
  • Removed link to Jayski since I think the site is aesthetically-challenged.
  • Enhanced the dock:
    • Modified dock to show date of next race when in schedule or race list view for the current season. If not the current season (e.g., you are viewing data for the previous year) and viewing schedule or race list, the year is shown instead of the next race date.
    • If in standings view, the year is shown.
    • If in race results or qual order view, the race name is shown.
  • Allow user to set a maximum column width. If an entry such as a race or venue name is too long, it will be truncated with ellipses (...). Hovering the mouse over the truncated name will cause it to scroll.
  • Fixed some minor problems with the dock's appearance if the skin were changed
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in the previous version) with the shadowing of the title
1.3 2007-05-24
  • Updated to work with "Yahoo! Widgets 4"
  • Added the ability to show/hide columns from the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Improved the resize algorithm. The widget has always resized itself based on the size of the font chosen for the main text of the table. However, now the buttons resize as well and the table grid resizes itself more properly :-) To make the widget as small as possible, choose a font size of 8 from the Preferences.
  • Reorganized the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Added "Export Default Skin" (a submenu of "Skin Management") to the context menu to assist people with creating their own skins
1.2.1 2007-03-18
  • Fixed a problem with standings/results/qual order views
1.2 2007-03-12
  • Since I was tired of hunting for my preferred driver in Standings, Race Results, and Qual Order views, I added Preferences to
    • enter a "favorite driver"
    • "jump" to the results/qual order/standings "page" that contains the specified driver
    • "highlight" the row that contains the specified driver
  • Made some changes to the skinning functionality
1.1.6 2007-02-28
  • Menu separators are our friends. So I added some.
  • Fixed more bugs caused by a change to the NASCAR site (bugs were related to race results and standings)
  • Added race list view
  • Added ability to display qualifying order for the next race by clicking on the race name when in "races" view
  • Made the widget skinnable
  • Removed XM info and added Sirius
  • Now show unofficial race results if official race results aren't available
  • Added Preference to not show past races in "Schedule Mode"
  • Added Preference to colorize "next race" row in Schedule and Race List view
  • When widget updates via auto-update, which happens if a refresh hasn't occured in 24 hours, or by pressing the Refresh button, the Schedule and Race List views ensure that the next race is displayed
  • Added Preference to put a row behind the title text
  • Added Preference to display short title (e.g. Schedule '07 instead of Nextel Schedule '07). Useful if fewer columns are selected and the table is narrow
1.1.5 2007-02-05
  • Fixed a bug introduced by a change in the Nascar site
1.1.4 2007-02-04
  • Made the code 3.0-compliant
  • Hopefully fixed the "non-loading widget problem"
1.1.3 2006-10-05
  • Added optional shadowing to the title text and "retrieving data" text
  • Modified the "checkForUpdates" feature to work with the new website
1.1.2 2006-04-24
  • Added better handling in case there is no internet connection
  • Allow user to specify padding between columns
  • Fixed the problem (again! but this fix should work) where the widget disappeared off the screen. The logo is now the "anchor" when positioning the logo, moving next or previous, or switching the view between schedule, race results, and standings.
  • Fixed a bug related to positioning on dual-display systems. This bug was introduced in the previous version.
1.1.1 2006-04-16
  • tidied up some of the code
1.1 2006-04-08
  • Since this is intended to replace the "NASCAR Standings" widget, I decided to bump up his version number so that it would be higher
  • Modified the fade-in/out of the buttons
  • Added handling so the widget shouldn't disappear off the screen, which so far has only happened with my NHL widget, but I added it as a preventive measure
1.0 2006-03-20
  • Initial Release
Widget detail last updated: October 21, 2009
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