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Redskins NFL Schedule

  • Version: 1.6
  • Released: September 30, 2011
  • Download count 1 : 1,549


All widgets have been tested on both Windows XP and OSX. Windows/OSX logo
  • Redskins NFL Schedule

Click to hide sectionDescription

Displays the following information about the current Redskins football schedule:
  • Date
  • Opponent
  • Time or the result of the game
  • Network TV channel or the team high passer
  • DirecTV channel or the team high rusher
  • Sirius channel or the team top receiver
  • Radio station

The dock displays the current team record. If showing the preseason record, the record will be preceded with a "P". Once the regular season starts, preseason games are not included in the record.

Schedule will update as times and scores become available. By default, data is refreshed when the widget is loaded, when you select Refresh" from the context menu, and when you save your Preferences. You may also, via the Preferences, set the data to refresh when the schedule is maximized.

Data is scraped from

Logo position and size (starting with version 1.2.7) are configurable. The logo can be placed at any of the corners, allowing you to align the widget against any edge of the screen.

Columns displayed and background opacity are configurable.

Double-click the logo to minimize or expand the schedule. You may also click on the minus and plus images to minimize or expand the schedule.

Hovering over the logo will display the "Last Updated" time in a tooltip.

Time zone is configurable. Options include: Eastern Time (default), Central Time (Eastern Time - 1 hr), Mountain Time (Eastern Time - 2 hrs), and Pacific Time (Eastern Time - 3 hrs). The time zone feature is geared towards U.S. time zones. Since I doubt people outside the US will run a widget that shows U.S. TV stations for an American sport, I have no plans to expand this functionality.

From the Preferences window, you can tell the widget to check for a newer version on startup. You can also check for updates by selecting "Check for newer version" from the context menu.

Hovering over the score will display a tooltip with an estimate of the number of Papa John's pizza toppings for that game.

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Click to show sectionNotes

Since it scrapes data from a live web page, this widget will break if that web page changes its format. I'm, uh, not really a sports fan. With the exception of my Georgia Tech and Redskins widgets, I don't run any of my sports widgets. If something is broken, please contact me and I will attempt to fix it.

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Click to show sectionThanks

  • To the fine people behind, which I used to generate the new (well, new in August 2007) "loading" graphic that is optionally displayed when data is being retrieved
  • To Chris Creamer and his totally fabulous site. And thanks to everyone who uploaded a logo to his site.

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