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NHL Team Schedule

  • Version: 3.0
  • Released: October 28, 2011
  • Download count 1 : 21,595

Version History

3.0 2011-10-28
  • Fixed data retrieval problems caused by new layouts on and
  • Added functionality to allow creation of a list of "My Teams", which will be displayed under the title navigation drop-down, above and separate from the full list of teams. Double-clicking on the main body of the widget, not the logo or the title, when in Team Schedule view will cycle through "My Teams". Click here for instructions on setting up My Teams; links go to MLB since I haven't finished documentation for this widget yet, but the functionality is the same.
  • Added a "Home Team" Preference. To quickly load the schedule for your Home Team from any view, click the star in the title navigation area. The "Home Team" will also appear under the title navigation drop-down, above the list of "My Teams" (if specified).
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues with the title drop-down navigation
  • Removed the "Show all columns", which did nothing since all columns are always displayed, from the context menu in Playoff Bracket view
  • Removed the long "instructions" from the Additional Color Preferences window and added a "help" button instead
  • Modified License/Readme window to allow the displayed text to be selected and copied. Unfortunately, due to a bug in the Yahoo! Widget Engine, this only works on the Mac.
  • Lots of internal enhancements to make the code easier to maintain and to reducing the memory footprint
  • Sped up the "save" on the Additional Color Preferences window. Click here for instructions; link goes to MLB since I haven't finished documentation for this widget yet, but the functionality is the same.
  • Added "SiriusXM" schedule. Satellite feed can be chosen under the drop-down title navigation. This view is on by default, but can be turned off via the Preferences; link goes to MLB since I haven't finished documentation for this widget yet, but the functionality is the same.
  • Added "DirecTV NHL Center Ice" schedule. This view is on by default, but can be turned off via the Preferences; link goes to MLB since I haven't finished documentation for this widget yet, but the functionality is the same.
  • Added highlighting for the Home Team in Standings and Upcoming Schedule views. The default colors are green and yellow, respectively, but this can be changed via the Additional Color Preferences window. The "Home Game" color for the conference is used for the Home Team highlight. Click here for instructions; link goes to MLB since I haven't finished documentation for this widget yet, but the functionality is the same.
  • Removed Atlanta Thrashers from and added Winnepeg Jets to team list
  • Added 2011 logos for Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings
  • 2 and 3 days upcoming schedule will now extend beyond the end of the current month
2.7 2011-05-26
  • Fixed another bug with the Playoff Bracket view
2.6 2011-05-05
  • Fixed some bugs with the Playoff Bracket view. In my defense, this is the first year this functionality is "live".
  • Fixed some bugs with retrieving the Team Schedule when the data source is ESPN and we are viewing a month that contains playoff games
2.5 2011-04-28
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the Anaheim logo in the dock when the initially loaded view wasn't Team Schedule
  • Added asterisks and tooltips to teams in Playoff Bracket view to indicate a proposed round 2 matchup when a team has advanced to round 2, but round 2 has not been officially scheduled
2.4.1 2011-04-23
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Playoff Bracket view
2.4 2011-04-22
  • Playoff Bracket view now displays the series score/status even if the series is still in progress. Previously, the series score was only displayed once the series was complete. In order to do this, I am drawing the Playoff Bracket using data from rather than simply scraping this page
  • When the widget has focus, hovering the mouse over a team in Playoff Bracket view will display a tooltip with additional series information. This information was retrieved when the Playoff Bracket was last refreshed.
    Screenshot of Playoff Bracket with a game in progress
    An example of the tooltip when a game is in progress.
  • In Playoff Bracket view, clicking on a team in a series will take you the that series matchup page, if one has been created, on
  • Fixed more minor bugs with retrieving the post-season Team Schedule when source is set to
  • Fixed a bug with applying the "winner" color, which uses the "Teams in Top 8" setting, and the "loser color", which uses the "Teams not in Top 8" setting, to the each series on the Playoff Bracket view. These colors are set via the Color "Preferences" (aka "Additional Preferences") window.
2.3 2011-04-13
  • Fixed a bug with caching vs retrieving the Playoff Bracket
  • Fixed a bug with selecting the view (Upcoming, Team, Standings, or Playoff) from the Preferences
  • In "Upcoming Games Schedule" view, the home game color, as set via the "Color Preferences ...", will be used for games in which the selected team is participating. As usual, the away game color will be used for all other games.
  • Fixed a bug with retrieving the "Upcoming Schedule" view if we are in the playoffs
  • Fixed some layout issues on the Playoff Bracket view
  • Fixed some bugs with retrieving the post-season Team Schedule when source is set to
2.2.1 2011-02-26
  • Corrected the logo for the Buffalo Sabres; the widget now displays the current logo
  • Cleaned up jagged edges on logos for Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, and Washington, DC
  • Improved appearance of dock logos for all teams
2.2 2011-01-21
  • Fixed problems retrieving and displaying the standings data when the data source was set to
2.1 2010-12-21
  • Fixed some problems retrieving and displaying the standings data
2.0 2010-10-17
  • Added "Playoff Bracket" view. Data is pulled from:
  • Modified widget navigation. The bottom navigation buttons have been removed and replaced with a "drop-down" style menu that is triggered by clicking on the title. For more information, please refer to this page.
  • Fixed data retrieval problems caused by 2010 layout changes on and
1.14 2010-04-07
  • Fixed a bug with retrieving the record that is displayed in the dock (and optionally displayed in the widget)
  • Updated the next/previous images used when cycling through teams and conferences
1.13 2010-02-01
  • Fixed another bug with retrieving the Upcoming Games schedule
1.12 2010-02-01
  • Fixed a bug, caused by a layout change on, with retrieving the team schedule and upcoming games schedule
  • Fixed some bugs with retrieving the standings by division from
  • The Upcoming Games mode/view now spans months; e.g. if today's date is January 31 and you are are viewing games for the next two days, games will now be shown for February 1st as well as January 31st.
  • The widget no longer displays the team record in the widget itself when viewing the Upcoming Games; the team record will still be shown in the dock.
1.11 2010-01-05
  • Fixed a bug with setting the "Home Game" text color, shadow, and font. These settings are initially defined in the skin file and can be changed via the Preferences and Color Preferences.
1.10 2009-12-24
  • Removed the following columns from the conference standings Preferences since ESPN no longer displays this info:
    • Power Play Percentage (PP%) (from only)
    • Penalty Killed Percentage (PK%) (from only)
  • Added "Streak" as a conference standings column since both NHL and ESPN now provide this info
  • Fixed some problems (caused by a change in the column layout on and with hiding/showing columns in the conference standings view
1.9 2009-10-21
  • Fixed a bug with check for newer version on startup; manually selecting "Check for newer version" from the context menu worked fine. The only widgets affected by this bug were the NHL and MLB widgets.
  • Fixed a bug where the widget didn't retain its position (if located on the non-primary monitor) on systems with multiple monitors
1.8 2009-10-13
  • Fixed a problem, caused by a change on, with displaying the current season record in the dock
1.7.1 2009-06-08
  • Fixed a minor problem, which primarily affected Team Schedule view, with initializing the year and month for which to pull results. The problem occurred when the current month was June, July, or August.
1.7 2008-11-02
  • Fixed some problems, caused by a change on their site, with retrieving the schedule and standings data from
  • Fixed some bugs with hiding and showing columns in Standings mode
  • Added 5 and 10 minute intervals for the auto-update
1.6.1 2008-02-04
  • Fixed some issues with the column display Preferences being incorrectly associated with the columns due to a layout change (new col: Top Performer) on
1.6 2007-12-07
  • Fixed some issues with the column display Preferences being incorrectly associated with the columns due to a layout change on
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving the standings when the standings source (set via the Preferences) was set to This problem was caused by a change on
  • Added new functionality: When in Standings view, double-clicking on the widget body will toggle the standings data source between and
1.5 2007-11-18
  • Fixed some problems caused by changes in the layout on
  • Optimized image sizes and modified next and previous team buttons to colorize properly on both Windows and Mac
1.4 2007-10-10
  • Added a Custom Preferences window to allow user to set text colors (header, home, away, etc) for each team and to allow the user to "preview" their changes before saving. When I added the ability to set text colors and shadows based on team, I changed how this information is stored. Unfortunately, you will need to respecify these colors and shadows since there was no easy way to migrate them and keep the code (relatively) clean.
  • I had been using as the data source for Team Schedule view. However, it was brought to my attention in this thread that had pretty weak television schedule information for the NHL games. has great tv schedule information, but unfortunately lacks some of the info ( W-L-OL, Goalie, SF-SA, PP, PK, ATT) that provides for completed games. In order to handle this issue, I added a new Preference that allows the user to select where ( or information is scraped for games that occur in the current month or the future. Previous months games will always be scraped from I decided against pulling completed games from and uncompleted games from for the current and future months because
    • Doing so would negatively affect widget performance
    • It is too much work right now since
      • I have a real job and widgets are just a hobby
      • I am not a hockey fan
  • Set months range from September - May (instead of October - May)
  • Added a more prominent "loading/retrieving" indicator, which can be turned on/off via the Preferences
  • Added ability to display team record, either in it's own row or in the title line, when viewing team schedule
  • Fixed some bugs (caused by changes on both and with retrieving the conference standings
  • Added the following columns to team schedule view (if data source is SF-SA, PP, PK, ATT (attendance)
  • Added ability to jump to a team from the context menu rather than use the prev/next buttons or the Preferences window
  • Made the "View Readme" and "View License" window fancier
  • Fixed the double-spacing problem, caused by a bug with the Konfabulator "filesystem.readFile()" when it is used on a file bundled in a flat-file widget, with the "View License" and "View Readme"
  • Added onDockOpened handler, which will fix the issue of the dock not displaying the proper info if it is closed when the widget launches and then is opened by the user later
  • Modified the widget so that the time zone indicator appears only in the header and not for each time; doing so makes the time column narrower (always a good thing)
  • Added UUID to widget.xml file to check for updates from the Gallery. The existing update check from my site will also remain in place, but if my site is having bandwidth issues, I will be able to upload the widget to the gallery and the auto-update will work. Read more about it here
  • Internal code changes that address a security vulnerability in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Fixed a minor bug with Restoring Default Preferences if the widget was minimized
  • Changes concerning the "import skin" functionality: added better error handling; also made some changes as a work-around for a bug in the "extension" attribute for the file "selector" form field/preference in Yahoo! Widgets 4.0
  • Added better error handling around the exporting of the Default skin
  • Fixed a bug/typo with adjusting the time (for the selected time zone) if the time was 12:00 pm
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if "Show Title in Row" was checked and then later unchecked
  • Now I resize the plus/minus and adjust the hOffset accordingly when the logo is resized
  • Modified the position of the Refresh button if the logo is in the bottom right corner and we are in Upcoming Games View
  • Updated logos in the Default Skin for the following teams: Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vancouver Canucks
  • Fixed a minor problem with Restoring Default Preferences --> older year and not the current year
  • Minor change to handle an element in the skin XML file that I had previously been ignoring
  • Fixed a bug with showing post season games in Team Schedule view
  • Tidied up wording and case for the context menu items
  • When "show title" is unchecked, the previous/next team buttons and toggle conference button are now made invisible at the same time the title text is made invisible
  • Cleaned up the rows and logos
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if the following occurred in this order: (1) "show title in row" is checked, (2) "title alignment in row" is set to "right" or "center", (3) a column is hidden or shown via the "hide column" or "show all columns" context menu items (not the related Preferences), and (3) "show title in row" is unchecked
  • Made the transition smoother (visually) when switching between views (tv/upcoming schedule, team schedule, standings), when changing conferences in standings view, and when changing teams in team schedule view
  • Added a "saving" indicator graphic to the Additional Preferences window to let the user know the widget is busy
  • Fixed a minor bug with selecting multiple entries on the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed a minor issue where the next/previous buttons didn't respect the year range in standings view
  • Updated the websites, which are specified in the skin, for each team since the NHL has taken control of almost everyone's websites
  • Expanded month range from Sept-May to Sept-June
1.3 2007-05-27
  • Updated to work with "Yahoo! Widgets 4"
  • Added the ability to show/hide columns from the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Improved the resize algorithm. The widget has always resized itself based on the size of the font chosen for the main text of the table. However, now the buttons resize as well and the table grid resizes itself more properly :-) To make the widget as small as possible, choose a font size of 8 from the Preferences.
  • Reorganized the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Added "Export Default Skin" (a submenu of "Skin Management") to the context menu to assist people with creating their own skins
1.2.1 2007-04-18
  • Made the rows shorter so that the widget would occupy less screen space
  • Fixed a bug with the spacing between the time/score and tv/w-l-ol columns
1.2 2007-03-31
  • Fixed another problem with the upcoming schedule view
  • Made it easier to toggle between conferences
  • Added ability to scroll through teams using previous and next buttons
  • More logo changes (Anaheim and Philadelphia)
  • Added Western and Eastern standings styles
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 1.1) involving the prev/next buttons in schedule view. They weren't supposed to be there.
  • Apparently, the Mighty Ducks aren't so Mighty anymore.
  • Fixed the problem, caused by a change on their site, retrieving standings from
1.1 2007-03-16
  • Fixed a bug related to the DST change
  • Fixed the logos for Buffalo and Anaheim, and tidied up the Capitals logo
  • Made the widget skinnable
  • Added menu separators
1.0.10 2006-12-20
  • At the request of several people, I switched "team" view from back to
1.0.9 2006-11-10
  • Fixed the team abbreviation for the Colorado Avalanche
1.0.8 2006-11-06
  • Fixed the squished rows in team view
1.0.7 2006-11-05
  • Made the code 3.0-compliant, which will hopefully fix the non-loading widget problem
  • Fixed some problems, which were caused by a website layout change on, with the 3-day schedule
  • I noticed a few errors with the team schedules on, so now the team schedules are pulled from
  • is updates both the upcoming and team schedules while the games are in progress, so now the scores for games in progress can be displayed. Previously, only the scores for completed games would be displayed
  • Since scores for games in progress can now be displayed, additional "Auto Refresh" options (30 and 15 minutes) have been added to the Preferences
  • Added ability to view 1, 2, or 3 days in "Upcoming Games" view
1.0.6 2006-10-05
  • Added optional shadowing to the title text and "retrieving data" text
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving 2006-07 schedule
  • Modified the "checkForUpdates" feature to work with the new website
1.0.5 2006-04-24
  • Added better handling in case there is no internet connection
  • Allow user to specify the padding between columns
  • Fixed the problem (again! but this fix should work) where the widget disappeared off the screen. The logo is now the "anchor" when positioning the logo and moving next or previous.
  • Allow the user to specify colors for 3-Day Schedule and Standings view to allow them to choose the team colors or the black/silver NHL colors.
  • Fixed a bug with the "T" column when retrieving standings from
  • Fixed a bug related to positioning on dual-display systems. This bug was introduced in the previous version.
  • Added handling for showing post-season games in "Three Day Schedule" view
1.0.4 2006-04-10
  • Added the ability to set the background opacity and text color for the top 8 teams separately from teams that are not in the top 8 in order to make it easier to quickly see who is currently in the top 8
  • Added ability to set the text color for the "3 Day Schedule" view separately from the text color for the "Team" view
1.0.3 2006-04-09
  • Made it easier to switch between team schedule view and Upcoming Games (aka 3-day schedule)
  • Added ability to scrape or for the standings data. Previously, you could only scrape for standings information
  • Modified widget to show data for May as well (in preparation for the playoffs)
  • Added ability to "Restore Default Widget Preferences"
  • Added error handling to prevent the widget from disappearing off the screen (which only happened under rare circumstances)
1.0.2 2005-12-29
  • Added playoff rank to the "conference standings by conference" view
  • Fixed a bug with the time zone adjustment in Upcoming Games view (thanks to Keith Shafer for helping locate this)
  • Fixed a bug with the TV station (it was shifted to an incorrect column)
  • Added time zones for Alaska and Hawaii
1.0.1 2005-11-21
  • Changed all "fetch" to "fetchAsync" to improve performance
  • Added better handling if the widget tries to refresh and there is no internet connection or it can't contact the website
  • Fixed a tiny bug with the 24 hour refresh
  • Default "display month" to current month when widget loads
  • Added more options to the context menu, such as Show Western Conference if viewing Eastern (and vice verse) and Show Conference Standings by Division or Conference when in conference view
1.0 2005-11-11
  • Modified the layout a bit
  • Lengthened the onWakeFromSleep time since my laptop takes a while to properly wake up (kinda like me)
  • No longer refresh on WakeFromSleep if Auto Refresh is Never
  • Ready for official release
0.9.5 2005-11-10
  • Double-clicking on the title when in "Conference" view will display the other conference's results
  • Lowered the next, previous, and refresh buttons a tad
  • Fixed some minor bugs with the next/previous buttons in "Conference" view if the "Three Day Schedule" was selected
0.9.4 2005-11-08
  • Added a Preference so the user could select the auto-refresh interval from: Never (manual refresh only), 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours (default)
  • Modified the style of the refresh button and moved it below the schedule with the next and previous buttons
0.9.3 2005-11-07
  • Modified the widget so it tries to refresh at least once every 24 hours
  • Modified the widget so it tries to refresh when it wakes from sleep
  • Added a refresh button so the user doesn't have to go through the context menu
0.9.2 2005-11-06
  • Added "Toggle schedule / conference standings" functionality
0.9.1 2005-11-05
  • Added "Three Day Schedule" functionality (similar to the NFL widget's "upcoming games" feature)
  • Added another size for the logo. Now we have: Extra Large (previously Large), Large (previously Medium), Medium (previously Small), and Small (a new, tinier version)
0.9 2005-11-01
  • Beta Release
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