Multiple City Traffic Widget

  • Version: 3.0.1
  • Released: August 14, 2007
  • Download count 1 : 171

Version History

3.0.1 2007-08-14
  • Internal code changes that address a security vulnerability in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Fixed a bug with the shadowing (or not) of the last updated text
  • Added UUID to widget.xml file to check for updates from the Gallery. The existing update check from my site will also remain in place, but if my site is having bandwidth issues, I will be able to upload the widget to the gallery and the auto-update will work. Read more about it here
3.0 2007-05-27
  • Updated to work with "Yahoo! Widgets 4"
  • Added the ability to resize the widget. A Preference and small/medium/large context menu items, which is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget, have been added to allow you to resize the widget. If you are only interested in a small portion of the map, resize the widget appropriately and use the scrollbars to display the area in which you are interested.
  • Added a Preference that specified if the "Last updated" is displayed overlayed on the map or above the map.
  • Reorganized the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Added two new cities:
    • Denver
    • Milwaukee
  • Added a "check for newer version" feature to the Preferences window (to check for newer version on startup) and the context menu (to check for newer version now)
  • Fixed a minor bug with hotspot/incident retrieval
  • "Last Updated" time can now be shadowed (see new Preference)
  • "Last Updated" time can now be displayed in military or non-military time (see new Preference)
  • Made the "View Readme" and "View License" window fancier
2.0.4 2005-08-30
  • Apparently in 2.0.3, updating was broken. I must test more thoroughly. And I think my next widget will be something easy, like a countdown widget or a clock ...
2.0.3 2005-08-21
  • Changed the ReadMe and License TextAreas to by dynamic instead of xml defined; this workaround was to deal with a bug in Konfabulator that caused excessively high CPU usage if using TextAreas with scrollbars
2.0.2 2005-08-18
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.0.1 where the congestion data never showed (I grabbed the wrong widget when uploading)
  • Added better "about" graphic
  • Removed option to be notified if no congestion data because there is no way to have this working reliably and efficiently. Also, every city will now have some type of data (either congestion or hotspot)
2.0.1 2005-08-12
  • Improved the legend; hovering over a graphic displays a tooltip with more information
  • Legend beautification
  • Fixed the widget so that it would work on Macs
  • Added "OnWakeFromSleep" handler
  • Center widget window on first display
  • Initialize readme/license location (on first display) to be where the widget is and not in the upper left
  • Added "loading" screen
  • Fixed a bug with the "no data found" notification that occured in 2.0
  • Enable user to select font style/size for the readme, license, and last updated text
2.0 2005-08-05
  • Fixed metro area names
  • Fixed a bug with Sacramento
  • Fixed a bug with San Diego
  • Added "hotspots" to the map. Hovering over an incident hotspot will launch a tooltip with more information; for the tooltip to work, the widget must have the focus.
  • Added "Last Updated" timestamp with configurable colors/opacity
  • Added zooming. Zooming is dependent upon data.
  • Double-clicking on the map will toggle the "zoom" flag; clicking will zoom in if you are zoomed out, or zoom out if you are zoomed in.
  • Added an optional grid overlay (defaults to off)
  • Reset the timer when zooming in/out to keep the "last updated" in sync with the timer.
  • Added a legend which is accessible via a context menu
  • Legend can be aligned along the top or the bottom of the widget via the Preferences
  • Added a link to which is accessible via a context menu
  • Gave the user the ability to suppress traffic incident hotspots/alerts
  • Added license, and ability to view license from the context menu
  • Launch license on first display, but never display the license again if the user agrees to the license (unless, obviously, the user chooses the "view license" context menu item)
  • Added ability to view this readme from the context menu
1.0 2005-07-16
  • Initial Release
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