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  • Released: August 14, 2007
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Description has rearranged their server, and this widget no longer works.

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  • Multiple City Traffic Widget

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Displays traffic information for Washington, DC and many other metro areas in the U.S. Supports cities currently available on as of 2005-07-28. Hovering over an incident hotspot/alert will display a tooltip with more information; for the tooltip to work, the widget must have the focus. Suppressing "incident hotspots/alerts" will improve performance and decrease lag time.

User configurable auto update period (defaults to every 5 minutes).

User configurable city selection (defaults to Washington D.C.).

Alerts user if there is no current traffic data for a city. Can be turned off/on (defaults to off since there is now almost always some type of data for a city).

Limited zooming ability for select cities (dependent upon maps). Zooming is triggered via a double-click.

"Last updated" timestamp with configurable colors and opacity.

Initially based off the traffic widgets by Justin Campbell and the DCA Traffic Widget by John Teague.

Cities supported as of May 22, 2007:
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas/Ft Worth- Dallas
  • Dallas/Ft Worth-Ft Worth
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles- West and Central LA
  • Los Angeles- San Fernando/Ventura Co
  • Los Angeles- East LA
  • Los Angeles- Orange Co
  • Los Angeles- San Bernardino/Riverside
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis - St. Paul
  • New York- Five Boroughs
  • New York- Northern Suburbs
  • New York- Long Island
  • New York- North Jersey
  • New York- Central Jersey
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Pittsburgh
  • Providence
  • Sacramento
  • Sacramento- Stockton/Modesto Area
  • San Diego- North
  • San Diego- South
  • San Francisco
  • San Francisco- Greater Bay
  • Seattle
  • St Louis
  • Tampa- Hernando/Pasco Co
  • Tampa- Tampa/St. Petersburg
  • Tampa- Sarasota/Bradenton
  • Tampa- Plant City/Lakeland
  • Washington D.C.
Alert Types:
Incident:Traffic accidents, disabled or over-turned vehicles
Advisory:Road/travel conditions including construction
Event:Scheduled events, such as games, parades, concerts
Alert:Indicates 2 possible conditions:
  1. severe trouble spots, such as lane or road closures, or
  2. no trouble spots on aroute that typically has trouble spots

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The auto-update period is in minute increments since updates their data every 60 seconds.

This widget requires Konfabulator (aka Yahoo! Widget Engine) 2.1.

When zooming in/out, the background disappears for about a second and then reappears. I am currently working on fixing this issue.

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Click to show sectionThanks

  • To
  • To Justin and JT for their previous work on the traffic widgets
  • To Seth Elgart, Robin Siebler, Nick, and Ariel for their help in identifying the names of the metro area "zones" and with beta testing
  • To The Multimedia Library (royalty free DC image courtesy and Copyright 2005 - The Multimedia Library)
  • To FreeFoto and photographer Ian Britton for the photograph of Interstate 95

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