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FSU Football/Basketball Schedule

  • Version: 3.0
  • Released: October 31, 2011
  • Download count 1 : 849

Version History

3.0 2011-10-31
  • Modified widget navigation. The bottom navigation buttons have been removed and replaced with a "drop-down" style menu that is triggered by clicking on the title. For more information, please refer to this page.
  • Added "DirecTV ESPN GamePlan" schedule. This information is retrieved from ESPN GamePlan schedules are usually posted on Tuesday night at, but because information regarding blackouts and channel assignments still needs to be finalized, DirecTV is not able to post their schedule until Wednesday night or later.
  • When in Team Schedule view, double-clicking on the widget body will now take you to the standings
  • When viewing the standings, SiriusXM, or DirecTV schedule, double-clicking on the widget body will return you to the Team Schedule view.
  • Added ability to jump to year/month from the title navigation drop-down menu
  • Added a Preference to hide menu navigation options for SiriusXM and DirecTV for those users that do not subscribe to those services
  • Added a Preference to show rank/record info in the title area, rather than just in the last row
  • Modified License/Readme window to allow the displayed text to be selected and copied. Unfortunately, due to a bug in the Yahoo! Widget Engine, this only works on the Mac.
  • Internal enhancements to facilitate code maintenance and to reduce the memory footprint
2.9 2010-11-29
  • Remember how I mentioned earlier (in the 2.8 section) that changed their URL formats? When I released 2.8, they hadn't gotten around to fully changing the basketball links and page layout.

    And now they have updated the men's basketball pages, so I updated the widget accordingly. However, they still haven't changed the women's basketball pages to the new format, so I imagine there will be yet another release in a month or so.

    Specifically, this release fixes the following problems:
    • Retrieving the standings information for men's and women's basketball
    • Retrieving the record, as displayed in the dock, for men's and women's basketball
    • Retrieving the poll rankings for men's and women's basketball
2.8 2010-09-08
  • updated their page layout and URL formats again, causing chaos. This version fixes the following problems:
    • Incorrect application of home/away game colors
    • Attempting to show data for a prior year displayed data for the current year
    • AP, BCS, and Coaches rankings were not retrieved
    • TV channel was not always displayed properly
2.7 2010-09-03
  • Updated the URL used when scraping standings and team record information
  • Updated the next/previous images used when cycling through conferences
2.6.1 2009-11-30
  • Fixed a minor issue related to non-default skins and the XM image source
2.6 2009-11-06
  • Added "XM Mode", which displays the upcoming XM games for the selected conference
  • Fixed a problem, caused by a change on, with displaying the BCS rankings
  • Fixed a problem, caused by a layout change on, with displaying the Sirius schedule
2.5 2008-08-18
  • Modified code to handle new layout on ESPN's site. This fixes the issue where the TV column was blank.
  • Modified default skin for U. of Tenn to include orange logo instead of white.
2.4 2007-12-07
  • Fixed a problem with retrieving the men's and women's basketball rankings
  • Changed "USA Today" rank label to "Coaches"
2.3.2 2007-11-18
  • Optimized image sizes and modified next and previous sport buttons to colorize properly on both Windows and Mac
  • Fixed some issues with the translation of the TV logo images used on ESPN's site
2.3.1 2007-10-01
  • Changes concerning the "import skin" functionality: added better error handling; also made some changes as a work-around for a bug in the "extension" attribute for the file "selector" form field/preference in Yahoo! Widgets 4.0
  • Minor change to handle an element in the skin XML file that I had previously been ignoring
  • Tidied up wording and case for the context menu items
  • When "show title" is unchecked, the previous/next team/conference buttons are now made invisible at the same time the title text is made invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if the following occurred in this order: (1) "show title in row" is checked, (2) "title alignment in row" is set to "right" or "center", (3) a column is hidden or shown via the "hide column" or "show all columns" context menu items (not the related Preferences), and (3) "show title in row" is unchecked
  • Internal code changes related to the storage of the Additional Preferences (the text colors/shadows that are stored by team)
  • Made the transition smoother (visually) when switching between schedule and standings view and when changing conferences in standings view
2.3 2007-09-07
  • Added "Sirius Mode" to allow people to view the the Sirius college game schedule for the current day or the next day games are played. Since the college games are not broadcast over Sirius Internet Radio, I did not integrate this widget with the Sirius widget.
  • Made some changes to the code that imports skins (specifically the code that handles the buttonRow)
  • Added Football/Basketball/W Basketball Conference options to the Preferences (under Team Info). Conference is initially pulled from the skin settings, but adding a Preference allows the user to change the conference associated with the team in case the team changes conferences before the skin is updated. These Preferences control the default conference that is loaded when the user switches to Standings view and are used when retrieving the team record for the dock. The user may view other conferences by using the context menu "Jump to conference" option or the next/previous buttons when in Standings view.
  • Fixed a bug with showing the team record in the dock
  • The logo is now resizable. Why, you ask? Because I like things to be customizable. And my monitors do not all have the same resolution.
  • Fixed a bug with the skin and the application of a new image to the schedule/standings button
  • Added tooltips to the next/previous buttons since their function (e.g. cycling through months or years) changes based on view/sport
  • Modified "No data returned" and "Unable to contact website" messages to include month name for monthly sports, such as basketball. Since the month is not included in the title line (because, in my opinion, that would make the title too long), I was getting confused when no data was returned.
2.2.5 2007-09-01
  • Internal code changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if "Show Title in Row" was checked and then later unchecked
2.2.4 2007-08-29
  • Fixed a problem with the time zone adjustment
2.2.3 2007-08-29
  • Fixed a bug with importing skins
2.2.2 2007-08-28
  • Fixed a minor bug with applying the "logo opacity" preference
2.2.1 2007-08-22
  • Internal code changes that address a security vulnerability in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Fixed a minor bug with Restoring Default Preferences if the widget was minimized
  • Added a more prominent "loading/retrieving" indicator, which can be turned on/off via the Preferences
  • Added better error checking around the exporting and importing of skins
  • Internal code changes: improved error handling/checking
  • Fixed a bug/typo with adjusting the time (for the selected time zone) if the time was 12:00 pm
  • Fixed some problems (caused by a change on ESPN's site. curse you, ESPN!) with displaying the conference standings
  • Added UUID to widget.xml file to check for updates from the Gallery. The existing update check from my site will also remain in place, but if my site is having bandwidth issues, I will be able to upload the widget to the gallery and the auto-update will work. Read more about it here
  • Added a "Jump to Conference" context menu item to make it easier to jump to a specific conference. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Fixed a bug where the dock didn't necessarily show the record for the selected sport
  • Modified the dock to not show the conference record if there isn't a conference record; an example of this would be the IA Independents conference, to which Notre Dame belongs (football)
2.2 2007-06-12
  • Updated to work with "Yahoo! Widgets 4"
  • Added the ability to view conference standings for all conferences via new previous/next buttons
  • Added the ability to show/hide columns from the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Improved the resize algorithm. The widget has always resized itself based on the size of the font chosen for the main text of the table. However, now the buttons resize as well and the table grid resizes itself more properly :-) To make the widget as small as possible, choose a font size of 8 from the Preferences.
  • Made the widget skinnable.
  • Reorganized the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Added "Export Default Skin" (a submenu of "Skin Management") to the context menu to assist people with creating their own skins
  • Made the "View Readme" and "View License" window fancier
  • Added more shadowing options for the text. These are now on the "Fonts" page in the Preferences
  • Fixed some bugs with importing skins
2.1.4 2006-11-08
  • Made the code 3.0-compliant, which will hopefully fix the "non-loading widget problem"
  • Fixed a problem with the BCS rankings
  • Added more Preferences for controlling the display of the title string (including team name) and the official team site URL context menu item
  • Fixed a minor issue with displaying the record for basketball
2.1.3 2006-10-05
  • Added optional shadowing to the title text and "retrieving data" text
  • Modified the "checkForUpdates" feature to work with the new website
2.1.2 2006-08-30
  • Standardized version numbers, about window graphic, license files, and readme files for all NCAA football/basketball widgets
  • Fixed some problems caused by the new season year
  • Made it easier to switch between standings and schedule by adding a button
2.1.1 2005-12-29
  • Added time zones for Hawaii and Alaska
  • Fixed a bug (caused by the end of the season being near) with retrieving AP, Coaches/USA Today, and BCS ranks
  • Revamped the code to be easier to modify in the future
  • Added the ability to restore default preferences via the context menu
2.1 2005-12-08
  • Added women's basketball
2.0.3 2005-11-20
  • Added BCS rankings
  • Added rankings for basketball
  • If all 3 football ranks are chosen, the ranking string is a bit too wide to show in the title line. So now, the rankings are displayed in the last row of the schedule. This row will have text that is the same size as non-header text, but header text font color and header row colorization will be applied.
  • Changed all "fetch" to "fetchAsync" to improve performance
  • Added better handling if the widget tries to refresh and there is no internet connection or it can't contact the website
  • Added a refresh button so the user doesn't have to go through the context menu
  • Default "display month" to current month when widget loads
  • Cleaned up the context menu items
2.0.2 2005-11-13
  • Modified the widget so it tries to refresh at least once every 24 hours
  • Modified the widget so it tries to refresh when it wakes from sleep
2.0.1 2005-11-06
  • Changed the ramblinwreck link to go to the main page instead of the football page
  • Modified the "check for latest version" feature a tad
2.0 2005-11-04
  • Added ability to display basketball schedule as well as football
1.1.2 2005-10-13
  • Modified the plus/minus to appear when the mouse rolls into the widget and disappear when the mouse rolls out in addition to on gain/lost focus (kept both because of issues on my mac)
  • Added a "check for newer version" feature to the Preferences window (to check for newer version on startup) and the context menu (to check for newer version now)
  • Added fading to the plus, minus, previous, and next buttons/images
  • Added better error handling so that the widget won't crash and burn if no data is returned
  • Added ability to toggle between conference standings and schedule (inspired by Marc Oburg's work on the Clemson football widget)
  • Fixed a bug with determining if games are home/away
1.1.1 2005-09-26
  • Added ability to position the logo at any corner of the schedule (in case you want to align the widget against the edge of the screen)
  • Added ability to select time zone. The time zone feature only works for U.S. locations, but since I doubt people outside the US will run a football widget that shows US TV stations, I have no plans to expand this functionality.
  • Added next and previous buttons. These buttons will cycle through the years (2002- present) available on ESPN. These buttons appear in the lower left corner of the widget if the logo isn't in the lower left corner. If the logo is positioned in the lower left corner, then these buttons appear in the lower right corner. These buttons are hidden until the mouse rolls over the widget, so if you're wondering where they are, move your mouse over the schedule and look in the lower left (or right, depending on your logo location) of the widget.
  • Added a "status" label to indicate when it is retrieving data
1.1 2005-09-25
  • Switched url source to ESPN so that I can pull data from pre-2004 and so that I could display the record column, which seemed more useful to me than location.
  • Added ability to display our rank (AP and USA today)
  • Switched the license to Creative Commons since someone reused my code and didn't give me credit
  • Modified the plus and minus graphics since they were difficult (for me anyway) to click
1.0.6 2005-09-23
  • Modified so that the user can choose to have the schedule refresh when the widget is maximized from the logo
  • Rearranged the layout of the Preferences (added a Columns group)
  • Added a font size of 8 as an option for all font sizes (in case people want things tiny)
1.0.5 2005-09-11
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Improved layout and graphics. Altho no one else may notice.
  • I have a high resolution (1400 x 1050), and I realized with great horror that I had too many preferences for a 1024 x 768 resolution (which is probably far more common). I eliminated some preferences so that everything would fit.
  • Fixed some typos/general errors on the Preferences window.
1.0.4 2005-09-08
  • Stupid ramblinwreck changed the format of the dates on their web site. This release contains a fix for that.
1.0.3 2005-09-04
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Added minus and plus graphics to minimize and expand the widget
  • Removed ability to make logo invisible (no logo interfered with minimizing/expanding, and everyone loves the logo anyway), but added ability to set the transparency of the logo (down to ~40%) independently of the widget background
  • Added "Last Updated" time to the logo tooltip
1.0.2 2005-08-26
  • Added the ability to double-click on the GT logo to hide or show the schedule. Feature inspired by the NCAA Football liveSchedule widget by Alvin Kreitman. :-)
  • Added shadowing to the GT logo because really, it's all about the shadowing
1.0.1 2005-08-22
  • Changed the ReadMe and License TextAreas to by dynamic instead of xml defined; this workaround was to deal with a bug in Konfabulator that caused excessively high CPU usage if using TextAreas with scrollbars
1.0 2005-08-17
  • Initial Release
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