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ezBoard/Yuku Recent Topics

  • Version: 1.3.6
  • Released: October 21, 2009
  • Download count 1 : 207

Version History

1.3.6 2009-10-21
  • Fixed a bug where the widget didn't retain its position (if located on the non-primary monitor) on systems with multiple monitors
1.3.5 2009-09-12
  • Fixed some bugs that occurred if a Yuku page had "subforums" listed on the same page as forum topics
1.3.4 2009-05-06
  • Fixed a bug with "started by / author" column
  • Changed default widget settings
1.3.3 2009-05-05
  • Optimized image sizes
1.3.2 2007-10-01
  • Changes concerning the "import skin" functionality: added better error handling; also made some changes as a work-around for a bug in the "extension" attribute for the file "selector" form field/preference in Yahoo! Widgets 4.0
  • Optimized image sizes
  • Minor change to handle an element in the skin XML file that I had previously been ignoring
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if the following occurred in this order: (1) "show title in row" is checked, (2) "title alignment in row" is set to "right" or "center", (3) a column is hidden or shown via the "hide column" or "show all columns" context menu items (not the related Preferences), and (3) "show title in row" is unchecked
1.3.1 2007-09-07
  • Fixed a teeny issue with the vOffset of the table if the title was hidden
1.3 2007-09-01
  • Modified to work with the new format as well as the existing ezBoard formats, since it appears that all ezBoards will be migrating to Yuku
1.2.5 2007-08-31
  • Internal code changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if "Show Title in Row" was checked and then later unchecked
1.2.4 2007-08-29
  • Fixed a bug with importing skins
1.2.3 2007-08-28
  • Fixed a minor bug with applying the "logo opacity" preference
1.2.2 2007-08-25
  • Added a more prominent "loading/retrieving" indicator, which can be turned on/off via the Preferences
  • Added better error checking around the exporting and importing of skins
  • Internal code changes: improved error handling/checking
  • Added UUID to widget.xml file to check for updates from the Gallery. The existing update check from my site will also remain in place, but if my site is having bandwidth issues, I will be able to upload the widget to the gallery and the auto-update will work. Read more about it here
1.2.1 2007-08-14
  • Internal code changes that address a security vulnerability in the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  • Fixed a minor bug with Restoring Default Preferences if the widget was minimized
1.2 2007-06-12
  • Updated to work with "Yahoo! Widgets 4"
  • Added the ability to show/hide columns from the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Improved the resize algorithm. The widget has always resized itself based on the size of the font chosen for the main text of the table. However, now the buttons resize as well and the table grid resizes itself more properly :-) To make the widget as small as possible, choose a font size of 8 from the Preferences.
  • Made the widget skinnable.
  • Reorganized the context menu. The context menu is invoked by right-clicking (Windows) or CTRL-clicking (Mac) on the widget.
  • Added "Export Default Skin" (a submenu of "Skin Management") to the context menu to assist people with creating their own skins
  • Fixed some minor problems with the dock's appearance if the skin were changed
  • Made the "View Readme" and "View License" window fancier
  • Added more shadowing options for the text. These are now on the "Fonts" page in the Preferences
  • Allow user to set a maximum column width. If an entry such as the Topic or Last Comment By is too long, it will be truncated with ellipses (...). Hovering the mouse over the truncated name will cause it to scroll.
  • Fixed some bugs with importing skins
1.1.5 2006-10-05
  • Added optional shadowing to the title text
  • Modified the "checkForUpdates" feature to work with the new website
1.1.4 2005-11-20
  • Fixed a tiny bug with sizing the widget
  • Changed all "fetch" to "fetchAsync" and all "runCommand" to "runCommandInBg"to improve performance
  • Added better handling if the widget tries to refresh and there is no internet connection or it can't contact the website
1.1.3 2005-11-08
  • Fixed a problem (introduced in 1.1.1) with the code to strip HTML character codes on OSX
1.1.2 2005-11-07
  • Fixed a bug (introduced in 1.1.1) with the saving of the URL
1.1.1 2005-11-06
  • Fixed a bug with logging into the ezBoard system
  • Added code to remove special characters from the HTML before displaying it in the widget
1.1 2005-11-01
  • Added login/password
  • Modified the widget so that it would work with different EZBoard layouts
  • Switched the license to Creative Commons since someone reused my code and didn't give me credit
  • Modified the plus and minus graphics since they were difficult (for me anyway) to click
  • Added ability to position the logo at any corner of the schedule (in case you want to align the widget against the edge of the screen)
  • Added ability to choose between 2 sizes for the logo
  • Added an option of "3" for the "topics to show" preference
1.0.3 2005-09-23
  • Cleaned up the code
  • Updated the Readme (this file)
  • Rearranged the layout of the Preferences (added a Columns group)
  • Added a font size of 8 as an option for all font sizes (in case people want things tiny)
1.0.2 2005-09-11
  • Improved layout and graphics. Altho no one else may notice.
  • And more code cleanup.
  • I have a high resolution (1400 x 1050), and I realized with great horror that I had too many preferences for a 1024 x 768 resolution (which is probably far more common). I eliminated some preferences so that everything would fit.
  • Fixed some typos/general errors on the Preferences window
1.0.1 2005-09-06
  • Slight modification to graphics and a teeny bug fix
  • Cleaned up the code a bit
1.0 2005-09-04
  • Initial Release
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