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CFL Team Schedule

  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Released: August 13, 2009
  • Download count 1 : 353

Version History

1.3.2 2009-08-13
  • CFL decided to revert to "BC" (from "British Columbia") for the Lions location, so I modified the widget to use an optional "location abbreviation" as well as "location" for each team. Both of these values are set in the skin. I now retrieve current season record and identify home games using location or location abbreviation, if one is specified.
1.3.1 2009-07-29
  • Changed the location name from "BC" to "British Columbia" for the BC Lions entry in the default skin. Using the abbreviation caused a problem when retrieving the current season record for this team if not in Team Schedule view for the current year.
1.3 2009-07-15
  • Fixed many issues caused by changes on the website
  • Modified Sirius View to show the Sirius schedule by week instead of showing the schedule for the next day with games
1.2 2008-09-05
  • Fixed numerous problems brought on by changes to the website layout
1.1 2008-05-12
  • 2008 update
  • Fixed some awkwardness with the loading of the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed some bugs (most of which were only apparent on a Mac) with the Additional Preferences window
  • Optimized image sizes and modified next and previous team buttons to colorize properly on both Windows and Mac
  • Added better error handling if no data is retrieved since the CFL website seems a bit dodgy (had some SQL errors)
1.0 2007-10-06
  • First official release
0.9.3 2007-09-10
  • Fixed a bug where the previous/next team buttons appeared even if "show title" was unchecked
  • Fixed a minor bug where the dock wasn't included as part of the "restore default widget preferences"
  • Fixed some dock issues, including a minor bug where the dock didn't reflect the selected team if you were viewing data for a past year (i.e. 2006) and changed teams
  • Fixed a minor bug with the "required" column in Network TV Schedule view
  • Fixed a minor issue with restoring default preferences; if the Default Skin was already selected, the default preferences weren't actually applied until restart (which was incorrect behavior)
  • Made some changes to the code that imports skins (specifically the code that handles the buttonRow)
  • Internal code changes to the code that handles the display of the Sirius schedule and other code that is shared with the NFL widget
  • Added the "Refresh" button to the Sirius view since there was no reason not to display it
  • Modified the dock picture that shows briefly before the widget is loaded
  • Fixed a bug with the logo overlap code
  • Added tooltips to the next/previous buttons since their function (e.g. cycling through weeks or years) changes based on view (tv schedule, standings, team schedule, etc)
  • Fixed some minor issues with the title alignment
  • Changes concerning the "import skin" functionality: added better error handling; also made some changes as a work-around for a bug in the "extension" attribute for the file "selector" form field/preference in Yahoo! Widgets 4.0
  • Minor change to handle an element in the skin XML file that I had previously been ignoring
  • Fixed a bug with tabbing between text boxes on the Additional Preferences window
  • Tidied up wording and case for the context menu items
  • When "show title" is unchecked, the previous/next team buttons are now made invisible at the same time the title text is made invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if the following occurred in this order: (1) "show title in row" is checked, (2) "title alignment in row" is set to "right" or "center", (3) a column is hidden or shown via the "hide column" or "show all columns" context menu items (not the related Preferences), and (3) "show title in row" is unchecked
  • Internal code changes related to the storage of the Additional Preferences (the text colors/shadows that are stored by team)
  • Made the transition smoother (visually) when switching between schedule and standings view and when changing teams in team schedule view
  • Improved appearance if no data is returned (e.g. if website is down)
  • Added a "saving" indicator graphic to the Additional Preferences window to let the user know the widget is busy
  • Fixed a minor bug with selecting multiple entries on the Additional Preferences window
  • Fixed a minor problem with the Default skin
0.9.2 2007-08-30
  • Modified Default skin settings:
    • CFL: Changed the Away to have the shadow.
    • Standings: Changed the Away to C0C0C0 with shadow.
    • BC Lions: Home to 000000
    • Edmonton Eskimos: home team to FFFF00 with Shadow
    • Stamps: Changed the Home to C0C0C0 with shadow.
    • Sask Roughriders: Away to 004000 without shadow.
    • Winnipeg: Home to 808000 with shadow.
    • Hamilton Tiger Cats: Home to FF8040 without shadow.
    • Toronto Argonauts: Home to 0080C0 with shadow.
    • Montreal Allouettes: Home to FF0000 with shadow.
  • Added ability to display N games at a time when in Team Schedule View. If N is anything other than "All", then the Next and Previous buttons will cycle through the games for the selected season year. If N is "All", then all games are displayed at once and the next and previous buttons cycle through the years. If you choose to view N games, the widget will initially display the N games that contain the current week's game. For example, if you run the widget on Aug 30, 2007 and set it to display 2 games at a time, the view will initially show you the games for Weeks 10 and 11.
  • Changed a few random NFLs to CFLs
0.9.1 2007-08-28
  • Changed default team to the Calgary Stampeders
  • Internal code changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the title to be aligned incorrectly if "Show Title in Row" was checked and then later unchecked
0.9 2007-08-27
  • Initial beta release
Widget detail last updated: August 13, 2009
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