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Yuku: Post Saver

  • Added: October 27, 2007
  • Last Updated: October 27, 2007

File Name: yuku_postsaver.user.js

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Really, it can't be stressed enough. I hate losing posts. This script saves a Yuku post to the system clipboard, where it can be retrieved with "Paste", or to Greasemonkey storage, where it can be retrieved via Tools >> Greasemonkey >> User Script Commands.

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// Yuku: Post Saver // Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Orbona // Version 1.0 // Release Date: 2007-10-22 // // See also: // // Original file name: yuku_postsaver.user.js // Please reference the original file name when contacting me regarding this // script. // // This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL: // // //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // DESCRIPTION // // This script modifies the page so that posts are automatically copied to // the system clipboard or to Greasemonkey storage when a post is submitted. // Since the "copy" is performed before the page unloads, posts will never // be lost again (well, unless changes to the site or to Greasemonkey break // this script). This is quite handy, because on some message boards, // returning to the "add/edit post form" doesn't always show you a cached // version of what was typed. When this script is used, if a "submit" // doesn't complete properly, a "Paste" or Tools >> Greasemonkey >> // User Script Commands will give you back your post. // // WARNING: (1) When you submit a post, any text already on the system // clipboard will be overwritten. // // (2) Obviously, a subsequent "cut" or "copy" will overwrite the // post data on the system clipboard, so it's a good idea to // see if your post got "eaten" before doing any more text // editing in any application. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // ==UserScript== // @name Yuku: Post Saver // @description Automatically copies posts when submitting // @namespace // @include http://** // @include http://** // ==/UserScript== //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // A wrapper for the main "copyPostToClipboard" method added to the main // document. Exists so we can use it in "addEventListener" and method // redefinitions //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- function copyPostToClipboardWrapper (event) { if (GM_getValue('useclip', "2")=="1") unsafeWindow.copyPostToClipboard(); else { var postContentElem = document.getElementById('body'); if (postContentElem) GM_setValue('posttext', postContentElem.value); } this._submit(); // call real submit function } //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Retrieves the post from Greasmonkey storage. If the user is currently // saving to the system clipboard, then the most recently edited post won't // be here. Selecting 'ok' on the prompt window will NOT paste the last post // contents into the post body text box since Yuku uses a fancy HTML editor // and I haven't had time to figure out a fool-proof way to set the inner // HTML for the editor. Thus, you'll need to grab the text out of the // response prompt. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- function retrievePost(e) { var lastPost=GM_getValue('posttext', ""); var ans = prompt('Here is your last saved post:', lastPost.replace(/\n/g,'\\n')); } //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Prompts for save location for the post text and sets the post to be saved // to the clipboard or a Greasemonkey configuration variable. //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- function enterSaveLocation (e) { var saveToClipboard = GM_getValue('useclip', "2")=="1"; var msg = "Your posts are currently saved to "; msg += saveToClipboard ? "the system clipboard.\n\n" : "Greasemonkey storage.\n\n"; msg += "To save to the system clipboard, which requires special configuration, enter a \"1\".\nTo save to Greasemonkey storage, enter a \"2\"."; var reply = prompt(msg, saveToClipboard ? "1" : "2"); if (!reply) return; if (reply != "2" && reply !="1") alert ("You have entered an invalid choice. Save location has not been changed."); else GM_setValue('useclip', reply); } // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Main function that does everything described in the description area above. // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- function doIt() { GM_registerMenuCommand('Yuku: Set post save location ...', enterSaveLocation, "l", "shift alt", "l"); GM_registerMenuCommand('Yuku: Retrieve post data from Greasemonkey storage', retrievePost, "r", "shift alt", "r"); var submitForm = document.getElementById('post-form'); if (!submitForm) submitForm = document.getElementById('quick-reply'); if (submitForm) { // Greasemonkey doesn't recognize the "netscape" (used below) and GM // doesn't currently provide access to the system clipboard. So, I'm // forced to add this javascript to the main document and call it // via my wrapper see below). Will modify in the future if a better // way presents itself. // see also: // see also: // see also: var script = document.createElement('script'); script.type = 'text/javascript'; script.innerHTML = 'function copyPostToClipboard() { var copytext=document.getElementById(\'body\').value; var clipboard, transferable,clipboardID, str; try{"UniversalXPConnect"); } catch(e){ alert(e); } try{ clipboard=Components.classes[";1"].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsIClipboard); }catch(e){ alert(e); } try{ transferable=Components.classes[";1"].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsITransferable); }catch(e){ alert(e); } transferable.addDataFlavor("text/unicode"); str=Components.classes[";1"].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsISupportsString);; transferable.setTransferData("text/unicode",str,*2); try{ clipboardID=Components.interfaces.nsIClipboard; } catch(e){ alert(e); } clipboard.setData(transferable,null,clipboardID.kGlobalClipboard); }'; document.body.appendChild(script); submitForm.addEventListener('submit', copyPostToClipboardWrapper, true); } } // ------------------END OF FUNCTIONS ----------------------------- window.addEventListener("load", function() { doIt(); }, false); //capture any post text for any submitted forms, because I really hate losing //what I typed window.addEventListener('submit', copyPostToClipboardWrapper, true); // If a script calls someForm.submit(), the onsubmit event does not fire, // so we need to redefine the submit method of the HTMLFormElement class // and we want to copy that post no matter how it is submitted HTMLFormElement.prototype._submit = HTMLFormElement.prototype.submit; HTMLFormElement.prototype.submit = copyPostToClipboardWrapper;